Official Spearhead Email Address:  

Official Spearhead Postal Address:

Spearhead Leather/Denim Social Club (Toronto) Inc.

473 Church Street, Suite 231,

Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2C5

President Robert Jeyes CEO and Official Spokes Person. Liaison for Ad Hoc Committees, Archivist and member-at-lartge. General liaison with other clubs.
Vice-President Relations John Thompson Director of Public Relations. Assists President and assumes duties in his absence. Events include Paint-Yer-Burger, Pride Day BBQ, Boat Cruise .
Secretary Kevin John MacDonald In Charge of Official Spearhead correspondence and minutes.
Treasurer Craig Goodenough In charge of the Clubs finances and records.
Publications Ron Gullis In charge of Publishing the Spearhead Magazine, "PHALIA".
Operations Dwayne Shaw In charge of the Spearhead Anniversary Dinner, The Run, and inventory
Membership Mike Hart In charge of Membership enquiries and renewals. Also, organizer of the Christmas Party and Birthday Card distribution

Executive Committee

Webmaster Charles MacPhee Designs and Maintains the Spearhead Website.
Member-at-Large Ernie Wesley In charge of member concerns, club sympathy and members assistance.  


Archivist Brian Morris In charge of inventory and display of archives
Fantasy Ball Rob Jeyes Co-ordinator for event.
Toys-for-tots John Thompson Co-ordinates the Elves to collect Toys
Nominations and Elections Vacant In charge of Nominations and elections for the Board and the Brotherhood Award.
Mr. Spearhead Kevin John MacDonald


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