The SPEARHEAD affiliation was established in 1970,

making it the most enduring gay organization of its kind

in Canada.  We were incorporated in 1993.

The Club was formed for the purpose of identifying and

 bringing together, individuals of similar interests - an

affiliation, brotherhood or fraternity of men who wish

to recognize with pride, the value and privilege of

belonging to an organization of 'Brothers under the skin'.

The red SPEARHEAD symbol back patch, shoulder flash,

and/or pin is recognized and respected around the world.

The affiliation's affairs are governed by a Board

of Directors, elected annually. We hold quarterly

open general meetings where members hear details

of future plans and can voice their views.

Social events and activities are held throughout

the year - some are private, others are open.

A newsletter "Phalia" and the website, lets members

know about current happenings within the affiliation

and with other clubs both locally and internationally.

SPEARHEAD'S contribution to the surrounding

community, are noteworthy. Since our founding in 1970,

the Club has collected thousands of dollars worth of toys

 and distributed them to underprivileged children with

our 'Toys-For-Tots' campaign. In addition, we have raised

thousands of dollars for local AIDS charities.

Our Members range in age from 20's to 80's and

represent a variety of professions. The close fellowship

exhibited by SPEARHEAD Members is truly unique.

It undoubtedly comes from years of practice, trial and

error. We are Toronto's original, oldest and largest

demin/leather organization and we are Proud of it!



 is a constant support in the

community collecting toys for

underprivileged kids and raising

 thousands of dollars for local

AIDS charities. For more than a

decade, Spearhead has provided

financial support to PWA's food

 programs raising over $42,000

and collected thousands of

pounds of non-perishable food

 items for PWA's Essentials

Food Market.

Thank you to Spearhead's

 members and Board

of Directors for your

unwavering commitment

to building community

and support of PWA.

Toronto People with AIDS Foundation

2016/2017 Annual report

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SPEARHEAD Leather/Denim Social Club (Toronto) Inc.

473 Church Street, Suite 231

Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2C5



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