SPEARHEAD now offers two types of membership.


Full Members:

  1. Eligible to vote at meetings;
  2. Stand for election on the Board of Directors;
  3. Be eligible to serve on standing or special committees;
  4. Receive a SPEARHEAD back patch;
  5. Reside in the province of Ontario (excluding Members prior to 2015).

If a Full Member prior to 2015 wants to switch to an Associate Membership

AND they live outside of the province of Ontario,

then they will not be allowed to switch back to a Full Membership in the future.

They will be required to return their back patch. No interview will be required.

Associate Members:

  1. Do not have voting privileges;
  2. Are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors;
  3. Not eligible to serve on standing or special committees;
  4. Years of service recognition do not apply;
  5. Will not receive a SPEARHEAD back patch.

If an Associate Member wants to switch to a Full Membership AND they live within the province of Ontario they will need to pay the New Applicant Full Membership Fee. No interview will be required.

Individuals interested in becoming members should:

1) Obtain an Application Form using the link below. 

2) Attend a few SPEARHEAD meetings or events where you can get to know a few members.

You will need the permission of three SPEARHEAD members as sponsors to include on your completed form. Their signature can appear on the form, or you can ask them to send an email directly to the Director of membership.

Return the completed form, with a cheque for the membership fee, to the Membership Committee. They will contact the sponsors, interview you, and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

If you are accepted, you will receive a lapel pin, shoulder flash and back patch. You can then purchase other regalia. Should you leave the affiliation later, you cannot wear SPEARHEAD insignia and are requested to return all regalia.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can contact our Membership Director,   at    and he will pass your inquiry along to our Board of Directors.

You can also mail your application form to the following address:

Spearhead Leather/Denim Social Club (Toronto) Inc.

473 Church Street, Suite 231,

Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2C5

The links below allow you to download and print the membership application forms (new members) or the membership renewal form (renewing members) in a editable PDF format.


Full membership forms

Full Membership application

Full membership Renewal

Associate membership forms

Associate membership application

Associate membership Renewal


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