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Pride Parade Reminder

Marching in the parade? Please follow the instructions here!

The “Too long didn’t read” summary is:

  • Gather at the meeting spot (Wellesley-Magill Park, 125 Homewood Ave) beginning at 3:30PM on Sunday June 30, 2024. We leave for the parade at 4:15 PM sharp.
  • Bring snacks, sunscreen and water; do not bring valuables, we cannot be responsible for any lost items.
    • There is a Rabba Fine Foods at the corner of Wellesley & Homewood where you can grab last-minute supplies
  • Wear gear that celebrates kink AND is comfy for several hours rain or shine. Nudity is 100% allowed, as are masks
  • Prepare for a long afternoon. 
  • YOU CANNOT BE LATE! If you are late you will not be able to march; please enjoy watching the parade instead.

Full details are below: you will be lovingly mocked if you ask a question that is already answered in this document 🙂

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